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Mar 25, 2013 12:00am EDT
of it to keep the private sector going. >> rising unemployment remains an issue in my stockton constituency. are-working families paying for the next months of seen a tax cut for millionaires. >> if the honorable gentleman looks at the figures today he will see that there are 131,000 more people in work over the last quarter. we have seen 600,000 more people employed compared with a year ago. that is what is actually happening in terms of employment. i have to say, when we look at the mess left by the party opposite, being given advice on economics on budget day from the party opposite is like asking enron for accountancy spies -- advice. >> mr. speaker, in less than a fortnight's time this government will have taken 3168 of my constituents -- [inaudible] thisthis not show conservative government is on the side of hard-working people? >> we have consistently lifted the personal tax allowance, the amount of money you earned before you start paying tax, starting at 6000 pounds and rising all the time. over 2 million people have been taken out of tax altogether. .> bridget phillipson >> does the pr
Mar 22, 2013 1:00am EDT
people they have to answer to our corporations. david stockton outlined a strategy in the 1980's. evenight wing noted that through republican presidents like eisenhower and nixon, you could not cut popular programs like social security or medicare. and government grew at a slower rate. they can love with a strategy of starving the bees. -- they came up with a strategy of starving. the starving -- they huge deficits sta up with a strategy of rving the beast. creating huge deficits. republicans deny care about deficit at all -- do not care about deficits at all. what they do care about is cutting government. to quote grover norquist, it can b t in a bath tu [indiscernible] they call it something else but it would destroy both programs. their goal is to destroy government. corporations paid on average 40% of profits for taxes. arey large corporations 12ing about fall% -- about %. they ryan budget would lower that further. millionaires with a $200,000 tax cut -- would get a 200,000 todollar tax curt. t. host: a tweet -- is if you looked at the budget, we have not had in the g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2